In EMERGENCY MEASURES Cristian Răduță prepares such a rocket in the name of a community where he does not and probably will never belong to: that of the most privileged, of the 1%, of the penthouse apartments, the private islands and private jets. In their name, he is making provisions for one of the emergency measures to be taken in case of Earth evacuation: making sure that the demand for palm-trees on the next colonized planet is covered.

April - May 2017

Cristian Răduță solo show: The Anatomy of a journey at ElectroPutere Gallery, Craiova, RO

THE ANATOMY OF A JOURNEY is showing a fictional travelogue in which different characters face various contingencies. A tin character, constrained by the surroundings, lands forced with a parachute in the gallery space, an aircraft of which engine combines a flower as a propeller, un bouquet of planets helped by a ladder to suspend itself or a hat choses to be worn by a star to personalize itself. 

The exhibition combines sculptures and objects realized with various current materials sometimes by joining with nature objects they produce a framework of improvisation, closer to the imaginary world of animation and very little of the representation of traditional sculptor invoice.

(text & photos: ElectroPutere Gallery)

20/09/2017 - 29/10/2017

CRISTIAN RĂDUȚĂ in the exhibition Breaking the News & UFOtopia, together with DAN PERJOVSCHI, at Salonul de Proiecte, in Bucharest, RO.

"(...) Another way of working with modest materials drawn from everyday life can be found in the practice of Cristian Răduță, who incorporates into his sculptural objects waste materials such as polystyrene, paper, plastic, or tin. The result is a type of bricolage-sculpture, which, on the one hand, contains references to the utopia of space exploration and the failures inherent to such ambitious enterprises, and, on the other, concretely evokes the space junk that will orbit the Earth forever. Another feature to be found in the practice of both artists is humour: Dan Perjovschi draws on a direct, acidic kind of humour, while in the work of Cristian Răduță the humour arises from the discrepancy created between the grandeur of plans to “conquer” space and the poverty of the materials the artist employs." (SdP)

exhibition views, all photos by Ștefan Sava

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